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  • Woodworking Mortising MachineMax. mortising dept:h 125 mm Motor 1.1 /220 kw/V
    Max. mortising width: Soft: 10~25 mm, hard: 10~20 mm Spindle speed 2800 r/min
    Worktable longitudinal stroke: 400 mm Overall dimension 515×760×1530 mm
  • Finger Joint Shaper, Tenon Milling MachineThe finger joint shaper, tenon milling machine is used for milling and tenoning the finger joint of the end parts of short woods, to vertically glue and then form the long-sized materials. With a pneumatic clamp device, the machine has the...
  • Drilling Machine Bit quantity: 3 Lifting stroke of table 80 mm
    Max. drilling diameter: ¢10 mm Main spindle speed 2825 r/min
    Max. adjustable distance: 96 mm Motor power 1.1 kw
  • 4 Side Wood MoulderThe 4 side wood molder has cutting tools to cut four sides of the wood fed into the machine in the course of processing. Each main spindle processes the side that needs to be processed.
    The guideway of wood is along the table facet and board which are the base levels for the whole machine.
  • Woodworking RouterUsing the double speed motor to change speed and the cylinder to lift the main spindle, the woodworking router featured simple structure can achieve stable operation, sound performance, etc. As a result, the router is the ideal choice for various industries such as woodline processing, solid wood engraving...
  • Multi Use Woodworking MachineThe multi use woodworking machine features small size, sound durability and complete function. Using the high-quality motor and workbench, the machine is the preferred household device.
  • Woodworking Cold PressThe woodworking cold press is used in the gluing and pressing of the decorative surface of panel furniture, to improve the bond strength of the furniture. The machine can be used in the pre-pressing process of a plywood production line for improving
  • Hot Press Total pressure: 1600 kN Heating way Electrical heating with thermal oil
    Cylinder number and diameter: 10~¢85 mm Heating power (54+1.5)kw
    Platen number and size: 6~2500×1300×42 mm Opening model Manual
  • Vacuum Laminating MachineThe vacuum laminating machine is used in the furniture and decoration industries, and can replace traditional painting techniques. It can be used in the surface decoration of various kinds of panel furniture, decorative sheets and so on.
  • Woodworking Composer The woodworking composer is used in lateral splicing of solid wood lath. It can splice the wood bars with the same length and thickness into solid board. It is key equipment for the production of solid furniture and laminated wood.
  • Shape Cutting Machine 400B The shape cutting machine 400B is used in cutting angle iron, channel steel, flat steel, circle steel and so on. It is used in various industries such as machinery, construction, metallurgy, etc. The machine is the ideal cutting machine.
  • Double Side Copy Milling Machine F6203 The double side copy milling machine F6203 is used to process the external shape of wood parts with various specifications.
    The machine's specific shape and dimension are determined by a profile model and tools.

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