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We is a premier woodworking machinery manufacturer in China. Our company has specialized in the manufacturing of fine woodworking machinery since 1956. We provide a wide range of products, such as our superior woodwork planer, panel saw, edge banding machine, milling machine, band saw, woodworking copy lathe, and other fine woodworking machinery.

We are located in Weihai, Shandong Province, in close proximity to Qingdao Port, Weihai Port, and Weihai- Yantai Expressway. Therefore, we have easy access to convenient transportation by sea, land, and air, enabling us to deliver our products to our global customers quickly and economically. In addition, all of our raw materials are obtained within our five branch companies, which is one way that we are able to lower prices for our clients.

We has approximately 1,500 employees, 150 of whom are expert engineering technical personnel. Our company has an annual production capacity of 100,000 pieces of woodworking machinery and 300,000 units of electro motors. In the year 2008, we exported products totaling $15,000,000 in US dollars to many foreign countries, and our domestic market sales reached $30,000,000 US dollars that same year.

Our brand "We" has been a widely known and highly popular brand in our domestic market since the early 1990's. In 2004, the "We" trademark was named as one of the :Top 10 Industry Brands in China" by Brand Net and China Quality, as well as one of the :Most Famous Trademarks" in Shandong Province by Shandong AIC.

With our established brand, our innovative technologies, and our modernized management system, it is our goal is to continue to expand our company to reach even more international markets. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products. The staff at We is looking forward to working with you soon.

Main Products
  • Double Sided Woodwork Planer 203A, 204A It can be used to process the wood board or wood square board whose width is less than 300 mm (203A) or 400 mm (204A) and thicknessis less than 120 mm. The double sided woodwork planer..
  • Double Sided Woodwork Planer 204W1 Max. planing width: 400 mm Spindle speed 5000 r/min
    Max. planing thickness: 120 mm Min. blade width ≥18 mm
    Min. planing thickness : 6 mm Suction hook diameter ¢100 mm
  • Table Milling Machine 5513B With overall grinding of the worktable surface, the table milling machine 5513B features high precision.
    The machine has a desirable appearance and has the advantages of easy and ...