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  • Double Side Planer and Saw Machine 8320 The double side planer and saw machine 8320 features compact structure, small size and a desirable appearance. It is the ideal choice for finger joint lumber plants, laminated wood board industry, solid wood door plants and solid wood furniture manufacturers.
  • Planer Thicknesser 324 Made through special and precision processing, the working table of the planer thicknesser 324 uses high-quality castings. As a result, the planer thicknesser has stable performance and sound precision.
    The thicknesser uses many internationally famous components.
  • Combined Universal Machine 4520 The combined universal machine 4520 features a compact structure.
    Made through special and precision processing, the working table of the combined universal machine uses high-quality castings. As a result, the machine has stable performance and sound precision.
  • Combined Universal Machine 4120 The combined universal machine 4120 is a two-in-one machine of precision panel saw and milling machine and features a compact structure and stable performance.

Combination Machine

Our company is a China-based combination machine manufacturer, specializing in a great variety of woodworking machines. Located in Weihai City, we at We are provided with convenient transportation by not only water, but also land and air. The abundant raw materials and labor forces here help reduce our production cost. If you are interested in edge banding machine, radial arm saw, wood sander, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are fully confident that our products can meet your needs.

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  • Radial Arm Saw 223A, 224C, 224D The radial arm saw 223A, 224C and 224D is used for ripping, crosscutting or angle cutting on square wood, wood board and veneer. The saw is the ideal equipment...
  • Woodworking Copy Lathe F3024 The woodworking copy lathe F3024 is used in copy processing various revolving parts and has the advantage of easy operation. Before running, you must purchase two white...
  • Table Milling Machine 5513B With overall grinding of the worktable surface, the table milling machine 5513B features high precision.
    The machine has a desirable appearance and has the advantages ...
  • Vertical Panel Saw 6325A With wide range of use, the machine can saw work pieces directly or score work pieces and then saw them
    With automatic cycling system and manual control mode, the vertical panel saw is easy to operate.