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Combined Universal Machine

Combined Universal Machine

Combined Universal Machine 4520

1. The combined universal machine 4520 features a compact structure.
2. Made through special and precision processing, the working table of the combined universal machine uses high-quality castings. As a result, the machine has stable performance and sound precision.

Technical Specifications

Max. sawing length 2250 mm Max. planing width 400 mm
Max. sawing thickness 80 mm Max. planing depth 5 mm
Main saw motor power 3 kw Planing spindle speed 5200 r/min
Main spindle speed 4000 r/min Planing spindle diameter ¢87 mm
Main spindle diameter ¢30 mm Planing motor power 3 kw
Main saw blade diameter ¢300 mm Planing thickness 6~210 mm
Saw blade tilt angle 45°~90° Feeding speed 6 m/min, 12 m/min
Scoring saw speed 8850 r/min Max. mortising depth 100 mm
Scoring spindle diameter ¢20 mm Max. mortising width 16 mm
Scoring saw blade diameter ¢100 mm Table lengthways stroke 105 mm
Milling spindle stroke 200 mm Table transverse stroke 160 mm
Max. milling height 120 mm Bit fitting diameter ¢16 mm
Milling spindle diameter ¢35 mm Mortising table size 470×230 mm
Milling spindle motor power 3 kw Overall dimension 2739×3636×1330 mm
Milling spindle speed 3500, 6000, 8000, 10000 r/min Net weight 1100 kg

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