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  • Circular Saw 107 Spindle speed: 1300r/min
    Max. sawing thickness: 250mm
    Sawblade size: ¢700×¢40×2mm
  • Circular Saw 104A Spindle speed: 2300r/min
    Max. sawing thickness: 125mm
    Sawblade size: ¢400×¢40×1.5mm
  • Circular Saw 105 Model: 105
    Spindle speed: 1940r/min
    Max. sawing thickness: 185mm
  • Circular Saw 104 Model: 104
    Spindle speed: 2300r/min
    Max. sawing thickness: 130mm
  • Multiple RIP Saw 162E The multiple RIP saw 162E is a kind of pneumatically controlled bottom-table undercut saw...
  • Automatic Multiple RIP Saw 143 With the main spindle made from special material and having special and precision processing and dynamic balancing...

Circular Saw, RIP Saw

The circular saw, RIP saw has a smooth cutting surface and the advantages of high processing precision, low noise, easy operation, high performance/price ratio and so on. This machine is used for cutting woods, plastics, organic glass, aluminum alloy, etc. The circular saw, RIP saw can conduct various operations such as longitudinal cutting, slotting, edging, etc., and can cut for the straight edge, beveling edge, horizontal surface and inclined plane. It is the processing machinery which is used for various industries such as furniture, wood modeling, decoration and construction, and so on.

We is a professional circular saw, rip saw manufacturer, based in China. Our main products are edge banding machine, milling machine, and woodwork thicknesser. These products are manufactured in conformity with the standard of ISO, so our worldwide customers can feel secure when inquiring and ordering. Our location in Weihai City gives us easy access to convenient air, land and sea transportation. This keeps our costs down and reduces transportation costs for our customers. For more information on any of our products, please feel free to contact us via email or at the contact addresses available on this website.

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