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Horizontal Bandsaw

Horizontal Bandsaw

Horizontal Bandsaw 377C

The horizontal bandsaw 377C is used for furniture making and wood processing.It is suitable for wood re-sawing.

1. The horizontal bandsaw uses the stepless shifting conveyer belt. The sawing thickness can be achieved through lifting the table that is driven by motor. Once the sawing thickness is set, you do not need to lift the table every time. The bandsaw can achieve smooth cutting surface, save materials and time.
2. With reasonable body structure and design of electrical system, the horizontal bandsaw has the advantages of stable and safe operation, low noise, etc.
3. With good design, the bandsaw can easily and effectively adjust the blade and replace belts.

Technical Specifications

Saw wheel diameter ¢700 mm
Saw wheel speed 900 r/min
Max. sawing width 300 mm
Max. sawing thickness 200 mm
Sawing thickness 3~100 mm
Feeding speed 1.5~7.5 m/min
Main motor power 15 kw
Feeding motor power 1.1 kw
Lifting motor power 0.37 kw
Air source pressure 0.6 MPa
Overall dimension 2690×2240×1520 mm
Net weight 1500 kg

We is a professional bandsaw manufacturer and supplier, based in China. The product shown here is our horizontal bandsaw. In order to satisfy customer demands, we provide customers a wide of woodworking machines, like edge banding machine, woodworking copy lathe, woodwork planer, etc. All these products are CE certified, so you can be assured in using them. If you purchase these products from our company, we can provide you with convenient transportation, especially sea and air transportation. We sincerely hope to cooperate with you!

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