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Table Milling Machine

Table Milling Machine

Table Milling Machine 5513A

1. With overall grinding of the worktable surface, the table milling machine 5513A features high precision.
2. The machine has a desirable appearance and has the advantages of easy and safe operation and low noise.
3. Its machine body has aging treatment and precision processing for many times, and is made of low-temperature welding of high-quality steel plate, so the table milling machine can achieve sound precision retaining ability.

Technical Specifications

Max. milling height 135 mm
Table height from the floor 920 mm
Spindle diameter ¢35 mm
Spindle speed 3000, 4500, 6000, 7000, 10000 r/min
Max. size of the tool disappearing under the table 5.320×85 mm
Motor 380 V/50 Hz/5.5 kw
Table size 1200×730 mm
Overall dimension 2710×1130×1490 mm
Net weight 475 kg

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