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Round Bar Making Machine

Round Bar Making Machine

Round Bar Making Machine 8060W

1. With a powerful tool, the round bar making machine 8060W can produce the finished work pieces with high smooth degree.
2. The machine has a desirable appearance and has the advantages of easy and safe operation and low noise.
3. Its machine body has aging treatment and precision processing for many times, and is made of low-temperature welding of high-quality steel plate, so the round bar making machine can achieve sound precision retaining ability.

Technical Specifications

Working diameter 15~60 mm Feed speed 3~5 m/min
Min. cutting depth 1 mm Main motor power 3 kw
Max. cutting depth 2 mm Feeding motor power 0.75 kw
Min. working length 300 mm Overall dimension 800×550×960 mm
Main spindle speed 4000 r/min Net weight 310 kg

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