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Woodline Milling Machine

Woodline Milling Machine

Woodline Milling Machine 4015

1. With overall grinding of the worktable surface, the woodline milling machine 4015 features high precision.
2. The machine has a desirable appearance and has the advantages of easy and safe operation and low noise.
3. The woodline milling machine conducts two-time dynamic balancing operation for spindle assembly to ensure more stable operation of the machine under high speed.
4. Its machine body has aging treatment and precision processing for many times, and is made of low-temperature welding of high-quality steel plate, so the machine can achieve sound precision retaining ability.

Technical Specifications

Max. milling width 150 mm
Max. milling thickness 120 mm
Min. milling length 400 mm
Max. milling depth 8 mm
Cutting diameter ¢90-¢125 mm
Feeding speed 4/6/8/10 m/min
Feed roller diameter ¢100 mm
Cutter arbor speed 6000 r/min
Amount of cutter arbor motion (axial) 20 mm
Main spindle power 4 kw
Feed power 0.75 kw
Pneumatic system pressure 0.6 MPa
Overall dimension 1000×670×1190 mm
Net weight 480 kg

Established in 1958, We is a professional milling machine manufacturer and supplier, based in China. We have been ISO9001:2000 certified and our products have received the CE certificate. We also provide other woodworking machines, such as edge banding machine, CNC router, woodworking mortising machine, etc. If you purchase these products from our company, we can provide you with convenient transportation, especially sea and air transportation. We look forward to working with you!

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