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Portable Edgebander

Portable Edgebander

Portable Edgebander 80S, 90S

The portable edgebander 80S, 90S is used for all types of banding materials and frame shapes. It allows banding for materials with a wide range of lengths, widths and thicknesses.

1. The portable edgebander uses reliable components and it features light weight and high performance/price ratio.
2. With a special design for the glue system, the machine can achieve long service life, coating uniformity and nonexistence of glue leakage.
3. Having multi-function, the machine can provide a straight edge inside the arc or outside the arc with curves or circles.
4. The portable edgebander is used for all types of edge band, such as melamine paper band, wooden band and plastic (PVC or ABS) self-adhesive edge bands.
5. All the electronic components of the portable edgebander pass the CE and UL / CSA certification standards, so the machine is safe and reliable.
6. The portable edgebander has a temperature control system to automatically control the heat to achieve set temperatures.
7. It has a speed control system to adjust banding speed to facilitate the operation.

Technical Specifications

Model No. 80S 90S 80S 90S
Minimum diameter of arc to band 40 mm 40 mm Total power 765 W 765 W
Running speed 5 m/min 0.5-5 m/min Power supply 220 V-50-60 HZ 110V/50 HZ 220 V-50-60 HZ 110 V/50 HZ
Thickness of banding tape 0.3-3 mm 0.3-3 mm Vol. of glue-melting tank 270 ml 270 ml
Width of banding tape 10-45 mm 10-45 mm Net weight 9.5 kg 9.5 kg
Working temperature 120-150°C 120-150°C Gross weight 34 kg 34 kg
Engine power 15 W 15 W Machine size 380X330X380 mm 380X330X380 mm

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