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  • Precision Panel Saw 1128M1 This precision panel saw has two spindles, one is fixed with a main saw blade, and the other is fixed with a scoring saw blade. The rotating speed of main saw blade is adjustable and has a very high working precision.
  • Precision Panel Saw 1132E Max. moveable distance of table : 3100 mm Scoring sawblade diameter ¢120 mm
    Max. sawing thickness: 80 mm Scoring sawblade motor power 0.75 kw
    Main sawblade dia.: ¢300-¢350 mm Main saw lifting motor power 100 W
  • Vertical Panel Saw 6325A With wide range of use, the machine can saw work pieces directly or score work pieces and then saw them
    With automatic cycling system and manual control mode, the vertical panel saw is easy to operate.
    After resharpening the sawblade, the saw has staff gauge to minimize error.
  • Reciprocating Panel Saw 6227C Sawing length : 2650 mm Main sawblade drive power 7.5 kw
    Sawing thickness: 80 mm Sawblade carriage drive power 1.5 kw
    Main sawblade diameter: ¢350 mm Sawing speed 3-25 m/min

Panel Saw

The panel saw our company produces is based on decades of our experience in this field. Our panel saw has high stability. The structure of most of our products is of Italian type. The product is guaranteed for one year (not including wearing parts). After one year, we will provide fittings at any time according to orders. We annually offer 4,000 sets of panel saw.

We is a China-based panel saw manufacturer. Located in Weihai City, we have easy access to low labor, material, and land costs. Our convenient location allows us to ship our bandsaw, edge banding machine and woodworking copy lathe at reduced costs. Our products are exported to many countries, including Vietnam, Brazil, Argentina, the Ukraine, etc. Please feel free to contact us for more information!

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