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Vertical Panel Saw

Vertical Panel Saw

Vertical Panel Saw 6325A

The vertical panel saw 6325A is used as a universal machine in various wood processing factories to saw various man-made boards. It is used in many industries, such as the furniture processing industry, vehicle manufacturing factory, house decorating industry and so on.

1. Using a V-guide mechanism, the vertical panel saw can realize high-precision sawing.
2. It uses pneumatic control mode and auto cycle mode to achieve high reliability.
3. The vertical panel saw has a stepless speed change device to change speed. The speed range is wide.
4. With wide range of use, the machine can saw work pieces directly or score work pieces and then saw them.
5. With automatic cycling system and manual control mode, the vertical panel saw is easy to operate.
6. After resharpening the sawblade, the saw has staff gauge to minimize error.

Technical Specifications

Sawing length 2450 mm
Sawing thickness 50 mm
Sawblade diameter ¢350 mm
Sawblade speed 4000 r/min
Lifting speed of sawing carriage 7 ~ 15 m/min
Main saw motor power 4.0 kw
Sawing carriage motor power 0.75 kw
Overall dimension 4540×1480×3350 mm
Net weight 1163 kg

We is a China-based panel saw manufacturer. Located in Weihai City, we have easy access to low labor, material, and land costs. Our convenient location allows us to ship our bandsaw, circular saw, rip saw and woodworking copy lathe at reduced costs. Our products are exported to many countries, including Vietnam, Brazil, Argentina, the Ukraine, etc. Please feel free to contact us for more information!

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