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Horizontal Single Spindle Mortising Machine

Horizontal Single Spindle Mortising Machine

1. With advanced structure, the horizontal single spindle mortising machine 302 has its spindle driven by motor belt. The machine's chuck uses a specially-designed rectangular mortising tool, while its sliding guideway uses an imported linear guide way and slide block, enabling the machine to have smooth feeding and easy operation.
2. Its feeding depth is controlled by the adjustable limited rod. Through wrenching the rolling bearing on the feeding holder by the manual jointed arm, the horizontal single spindle can feed materials.
3. The workbench surface of the mortise features high planeness and can conduct planing operations.
4. Its connecting rod can control the workbench to horizontally move along the dovetail guide. Through the screw transmission, the machine's handwheel shaft can enable the workbench to lift along with the dovetail slide.
5. With the workbench tilt along the arc guideway, the horizontal single spindle mortising machine can realize the adjustment within 0 - 45 °.
6. Equipped with a clamping device on the workbench, the machine can have tight and reliable clamping.
7. The horizontal single spindle mortising machine has the advantages of stable operation, high efficiency and low noise. It is the ideal mortising machine for the furniture manufacturing and construction industries.

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