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Lumber Dry Kiln Aluminum Structure, Metal Structure

Lumber Dry Kiln Aluminum Structure, Metal Structure

Technical Specifications

Model Theory Load M3 Lumber Dimension Kiln Inner Dimension Motor Quantity Total Power Blower Model Dry Source
MYHG-30 30 4.0×3.6×4.4 4.4×5.0×5.7 2 6 ¢800 Steam
MYHG-80 40 4.0×4.6×4.4 4.4×6.2×5.7 2 6
MYHG-100 50 6.0×3.8×4.4 6.4×5.4×5.7 3 9
MYHG-120 60 6.0×4.6×4.4 6.4×6.2×5.7 3 9
MYHG-160 80 6.0×6.2×4.4 6.4×8.0×5.7 4 12
MYHG-200 100 8.0×6.0×4.4 8.4×8.0×5.7 5 15
MYHG-240 120 10×6.0×4.4 10.5×8.0×5.7 6 18
MYHG-300 150 12×6.0×4.4 12.6×8.0×5.7 8 24
MYHG-400 200 12×7.0×4.8 12.6×9.2×6.1 10 30

Thank you for your visit to our website! The product shown here is our lumber dry kiln aluminum structure, metal structure. Founded in 1958, we are a China-based wood dry kiln manufacturer and supplier. Through the constant efforts of our dedicated staff, we can offer customers a great variety of woodworking machines, like woodworking mortising machine, cut off saw, milling machine, and more. Our location in Weihai City gives us easy access to convenient air, land and sea transportation. This keeps our costs down and reduces transportation costs for our customers. Whenever you have a need for any of our products, please feel free to contact us at We.

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