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Woodworking Composer 1725A, 1725

1. The woodworking composer 1725A, 1725 is used in lateral splicing of solid wood lath. It can splice the lath with the same length and thickness into solid board. It is key equipment for the production of solid furniture and laminated wood.
2. Using the manual way of gluing, the machine can appropriately adjust the volume of glue according to various sheet materials.
3. The woodworking composer can achieve the combination of electrical and pneumatic action to ensure high splicing efficiency and quality.
4. According to the specifications of lath, the machine can conveniently determine lath quantity to achieve the desired width of cross-band veneer.

Technical Specifications

Specification 1725A 1725 1725A 1725
Max. composing width mm 1250 1250 Spindle rotating speed r/min 2
Max. composing length mm 2500 2500 Working air pressure MPa 0.4-0.8
Workpiece thickness mm 15-90 15-90 Overall dimension mm 3860×3315×3787 4480×3315×3787
Number of composing rows 6 14 Net weight kg 2030 4150
Motor power kw 1.5 1.5

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