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Woodworking Router 505×7

The woodworking router 505×7 is a kind of woodworking milling machine, which is used for processing sheet metal parts. Using the high-speed flat belt to transmit power, the woodworking router featured simple structure can achieve stable operation, sound performance, etc. As a result, the router is the ideal choice for various industries such as woodline processing, solid wood engraving, and so on. The machine is composed of a main spindle, lathe bed, worktable, lifting mechanism and so on.

Technical Specifications

Max. milling thickness 40 mm
Spindle speed 15000 r/min
Table lifting height 130 mm
Throat depth 750 mm
Table size 500×700 mm
Motor power 2.2 kw
Overall dimension 1500×700×1350 mm
Net weight 290 kg

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