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4-Side Wood Moulder

4-Side Wood Moulder

4-Side Wood Moulder 4012E (Six Spindles)

1. The 4-side wood molder 4012E (six spindles) has cutting tools to cut four sides of the wood fed into the machine in the course of processing. Each main spindle processes the side that needs to be processed.
2. The guideway of wood is along the table facet and board which are the base levels for the whole machine. The molder can adjust the front feed table and sideboard to control the cutting output of the lower and right cutter.
3. Its underside leveling cutter shaft and edge cutter are used for processing the two vertical surfaces of the wood guideway. Each rear cutter is used in processing one side. The 4-side wood molder can adjust both the axial and radial direction of the cutter. The turning direction should be opposite to the feeding direction.
4. The 4-side wood molder has a feeding roller on feed beam to smooth the feeding. According to the thickness of the finished product, the machine can adjust the feeding beam. The thickness between the finished products and semi-finished products is adjusted by the power driven system.

According to the design parameters, the 4-side wood molder is used in four-side planing of woods and wood substitutes or four-side forming as required. Any other application is beyond the designed applicable scope. The molder is especially suitable for longitudinal processing of floors, lateral lines, indoor decoration bars, window frame parts, furniture lines, etc.

Technical Specifications

Max. planing width 125 mm Feeding speed 5-20 m/min
Max. planing thickness 80 mm Top cutter motor power 4 kw
Min. planing length 300 mm Bottom cutter motor power 3 kw
Min. planing thickness 10 mm Left and right spindle motor power 7.5 kw
Max. top cutter planing capacity 7 mm Feeding motor power 2.2 kw
Max. bottom cutter planing capacity 5 mm Lifting motor power 0.55 kw
Spindle speed 6000 r/min Overall dimension 4195x1416x1512 mm
Spindle cutting diameter ¢125~¢160 mm Net weight 2400 kg

We is an ISO9001:2000 certified manufacturer of 4-side wood molder, based in China. Our company is engaged in the production and sales of woodwork planer, panel saw, milling machine, woodworking router, etc. If you would like to know more about our products and service, please turn to the corresponding pages of CNC router, drilling machine, etc. We look forward to working with you.

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