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  • Vertical Single Spindle Mortising Machine 362A Max. mortising dept:h 125 mm Motor 1.1 /220 kw/V
    Max. mortising width: Soft: 10~25 mm, hard: 10~20 mm Spindle speed 2800 r/min
    Worktable longitudinal stroke: 400 mm Overall dimension 515×760×1530 mm
  • Long Slot Mortising Machine 321 Max. workpiece width: 250 mm Spindle speed 2800 r/min
    Max. mortising length: 200 mm Motor power 1.1 kw
    Max. mortising depth: 120 mm Overall dimension 740×930×1350 mm
  • Horizontal Two Spindle Mortising Machine 1912A Max. mortising width: 120 mm Tool handle diameter ¢6.3, ¢12.7 mm
    Max. mortising depth: 50 mm Motor power 4.5 kw
    Max. workpiece thickness: 100 mm Overall dimension 1270×980×1140 mm

Woodworking Mortising Machine

We is a professional manufacturer and supplier of woodworking mortising machine, based in China. We run our company in strict accordance with ISO9001 international quality system. All of our assembly machine, combination machine, milling machine and cut off saw are produced in strict compliance with international standard and customers can feel secure in purchasing them. If you are in need of any of our products, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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