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CNC Router K1212A

1. The CNC router K1212A uses the energy-saving mode.
2. Using the imported linear guiding track whose service life can be 2200 times longer than that of ordinary track, the router features high precision.
3. Using the imported driver, the CNC router can increase its speed by more than two meters and achieve stable performance.
4. Its X-axis uses a dustproof structure, ensuing the long-term operation of the machine.
5. The machine has sound performance in continuing engraving after point breaks and blade breaks. It holds more than nine points.
6. The CNC router features good compatibility. It employs the compatible software CAD/CAM, such as type3, Artcarm, Castmate, Wentai, Coredraw, etc. It can be used for embossment, shadow engravement and 3D arts.
7. The CNC router has a high power frequency water-cooling main spindle to cut into 20-30 mm organic glass for one time. The machine is used for advertising, molding, architecture, furniture mold and so on.

Technical Specifications

Parameters K1212
X, Y working area 1200×1200 mm
Z working area >100 mm
Table size 1340×1420 mm
Max. speed 5 m-8 m/min
Max. working speed 2 m-3 m/min
Working delicacy 0.005 mm
Repositioning accuracy 0.05 mm
Feeding height 110 m
Command G code*.u00*.mng*.plt
Surroundings for software Windows 98/2000/xp
Power (not including the spindle) 400 W
Power AC220 V/50 Hz
Main axle power rate 1.5/2.2 kw
Main axle rotating speed 0-24000 rpm/min
Word mode Stepper

We is a China-based CNC router manufacturer. Located in Weihai City, we have easy access to low labor, material, and land costs. Our convenient location allows us to ship our assembly machine, woodworking cold press and vacuum laminating machine at reduced costs. Our products are exported to many countries, including Vietnam, Brazil, Argentina, the Ukraine, etc. Please feel free to contact us for more information!

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