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CNC Router K6090A

The CNC router K6090A is a unique CNC router designed for three dimensional cameo engraving of the classical padauk furniture. Featuring fast speed and high accuracy, the CNC router can meet all the needs of engraving. The machine has three-axis cover to keep the dust away. Equipped with gantry-moving and castled lathe bed, the machine is stable and durable. The CNC router uses the world's leading DSP controlling system which can memorize the breakpoint, guaranteeing the overall operation. This machine uses the ball screw produced in Germany, original nut, imported linear guide rail and 1.5 kw air cooling spindle.

Technical Specifications

Functions Parameter Functions Parameter
Traveling size X traveling size 600 mm Spindle Spindle power 1.5 kw
Y traveling size 900 mm Spindle speed 0-24000 r/min
Z traveling size 120 mm Working mode Stepper system
Table size 600x900 mm Working voltage AC380V/50 Hz
Accuracy Working accuracy ±0.04 mm Working command G code
Repositioning accuracy ±0.05 mm Operating system DSP system
Structure Table structure T-slot extrusions
X, Y, Z structure X, Y rack pinion, Z ball screw
Speed Max. traveling speed 10000 mm/min
Max. working speed 6000 mm/min

We is an ISO9001:2000 certified manufacturer of CNC router, based in China. Our company is engaged in the production and sales of woodwork planer, panel saw, milling machine, woodworking router, etc. If you would like to know more about our products and service, please turn to the corresponding pages of finger joint shaper, tenon milling machine, drilling machine, etc. We look forward to working with you.

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