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Auto Feeding Straight Tool Sharpener

Auto Feeding Straight Tool Sharpener

The auto feeding straight tool sharpener 256A is used for grinding all kinds of straight blades whose length is within 650mm and wedged angle range is from 34° to 42°.

1. The auto feeding straight tool sharpener uses the grinding wheel that can reciprocate automatically. Using the ball bearing, the machine can move smoothly.
2. Its ball bearing height can be conveniently adjusted. Equipped with an eccentric wheel mechanism, the auto feeding straight tool sharpener can achieve high adjustment precision and precise grinding.
3. Matched with a 3-phase motor, the machine can be integrated in a production line with 106, 105, 104 and 103 single-side wood-working thicknesser and other machines with straight blades.
4. Featuring simple structures, the machine has the advantages of easy operation and convenient maintenance.
5. The auto feeding straight tool sharpener is used for grinding in big, middle-sized or small-sized wood-working factories.

Technical Specifications

Max. sharpening length 650 mm
Sharpening blade angle 34°- 42°
Emery wheel speed 2850 r/min
Emery wheel dimension BW125×45×32
Motor power 1.1 kw
Overall dimension 1140×588×1203 mm
Net weight 248 kg

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