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  • Single Side Woodwork Thicknesser 104H, 105H, 106H, 107H The single side woodwork thicknesser has the advantage of smooth feeding. Using the front pressure roller with subsectional activity structure, the thicknesser can simultaneously feed various materials with their thickness difference within 3 mm.
  • Single Side Woodwork Thicknesser 106C Max. planing width : 630mm /Blade number /4
    Max. planing thickness: 300mm /Spindle diameter /¢120 mm
    Min. planing thickness : 4mm /Motor /5.5 kw/380 V
  • Single Side Woodwork Thicknesser 102Z, 103Z, 104Z The single side woodwork thicknesser 102Z, 103Z and 104Z can conduct planing operation for wood. Equipped with a special tool, the thicknesser will conduct the shaping process.
    It is used in wood product processing for many industries such as furniture, construction...
  • Single Side Woodworking Thicknesser 1010E, 1013E The dynamic balance of its spindle has been tested before the machine leaves factory, ensuring sound operating function. The machine can achieve high working precision and high productive capacity.
    With its feeding device composed of a three-speed motor that can straightly hitch ...
  • Double Sided Woodwork Planer 203A, 204A It can be used to process the wood board or wood square board whose width is less than 300 mm (203A) or 400 mm (204A) and thicknessis less than 120 mm. The double sided woodwork planer can be used in the furniture industry, railway carriages and wood modeling factories.
  • Double Sided Woodwork Planer 204W1 Max. planing width: 400 mm Spindle speed 5000 r/min
    Max. planing thickness: 120 mm Min. blade width ≥18 mm
    Min. planing thickness : 6 mm Suction hook diameter ¢100 mm
  • Automatic Double Sides Wood Planer 204E, 206E Max. planing width: mm 400 630 Cutting diameter mm ¢112 ¢112
    Max. planing thickness: mm 120 120 Top horizontal cutter arbor motor power kw 7.5 11
    Min. planing length: mm 300 300 Bottom horizontal cutter arbor motor power kw 4 7.5

Woodwork Thicknesser

The woodwork thicknesser can be used for single-side planning for various woods such as sheet materials, wood beams and so on. As a result, it is used in many industries such as furniture, construction, wood modeling, etc. Using cast iron for its machine body, the woodwork thicknesser features a durable and safe structure and high accuracy. It also has the advantages of low noise, high efficiency, easy maintenance, long service life, etc.

The "We" branded woodwork thicknesser is the most popular heavy-type woodwork thicknesser in China. With reasonable design, the product has high stability and various specifications. It is well received in many countries such as Vietnam, Brazil, Argentina, the Ukraine, North Africa, Bolivia, etc.

We is an ISO9001:2000 certified manufacturer of woodwork thicknesser, based in China. Our company is engaged in the production and sales of woodwork planer, panel saw, milling machine, bandsaw, etc. If you would like to know more about our products and service, please turn to the corresponding pages of circular saw, rip saw, radial arm saw, etc. We look forward to working with you. Thank you.

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