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Double Sided Woodwork Planer

Double Sided Woodwork Planer

Double Sided Woodwork Planer 203A, 204A

The double sided woodwork planer 203A, 204A is a light-duty machine that features easy operation. It can be used to process the wood board or wood square board whose width is less than 300 mm (203A) or 400 mm (204A) and thicknessis less than 120 mm. The double sided woodwork planer can be used in the furniture industry, railway carriages and wood modeling factories.

Technical Specifications

203A 204A 203A 204A
Max. planing width mm 300 400 Max. planing depth of top cutter mm 4 4
Planing thickness mm 8-120 8-120 Max. planing depth of bottom cutter mm 2 2
Spindle speed r/min 5000 5000 Motor power kw 5.5 7.5
Min. planing length mm 390 390 Overall dimensions mm 730×940
Feeding speed m/min 6, 10 6, 10 Net weight kg 510 580

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