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Single Side Woodwork Thicknesser

Single Side Woodwork Thicknesser

Single Side Woodworking Thicknesser 1010E, 1013E

1. Produced in our factory, the single side woodworking thicknesser 1010E, 1013E is a new product designed to satisfy the requirements of the market. It can be used to plane work pieces with fixed thickness and width such as composite materials, furniture, wood doors, etc.
2. Equipped with two carrier rollers on the table and two feed rolls, the single side woodworking thicknesser can achieve smooth feeding.
3. The dynamic balance of its spindle has been tested before the machine leaves factory, ensuring sound operating function. The machine can achieve high working precision and high productive capacity.
4. With its feeding device composed of a three-speed motor that can straightly hitch up the reducing device, the single side woodworking thicknesser can feed work piece smoothly. The three kinds of the speed: 7.6/10.1/15.2 m/min will then be obtained.
5. With compact structure, this single side woodworking thicknesser has many advantages such as stable performance, convenient operation, safety, etc.

Technical Specifications

Max. planing width mm 1000 1300 Spindle cutting dia. mm ¢140 ¢150
Max. planing thickness mm 200 200 Main motor power kw 11 18.5
Min. planing length mm 400 400 Feeding motor power kw 1.8/2.6/3 1.8/2.6/3
Min. planing thickness mm 10 10 Lifting motor power kw 0.75 0.75
Max. planing depth mm 4 4 Overall dimensions mm 1940×1319×1655 2241×1532×1655
Spindle speed r/min 4000 3600 Net weight kg 2600 3200
Feeding speed m/min 7.6/10.1/15.2 7.6/10.1/15.2

Thanks for your visit to our website. Here, we introduce single side woodwork thicknesser to you. We is an ISO9001:2000 certified manufacturer of woodwork thicknesser, based in China. We also provide other woodworking machines, including panel saw, milling machine, edge banding machine and more to meet diversified needs of customers. High quality, reasonably-priced products have enabled We to enter many international markets. We welcome you to contact us for more information about our woodworking machines.

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