Woodworking Machinery Manufacturer in China

Since 1956, We has been a specialized manufacturer and supplier of exceptional woodworking machinery in China. With more than fifty years of experience in this field, we can provide a broad range of products, including our superior woodwork planer, panel saw, edge banding machine, milling machine, band saw, woodworking copy lathe, and other fine woodworking machinery. From our humble beginnings to the impressive business we have grown to be, We has faced every obstacle head-on and resolved each one. Our technical and production experience in this field are second to none. Our impressive knowledge of product design enables us to meet woodworking machinery operational requirements and to improve the operational safety of our products. The unsurpassed quality and competitive prices of our products have made them extremely popular with our loyal domestic and international customers.

  • Single Side Woodwork Thicknesser 104H, 105H, 106H, 107H
  • Single Side Woodwork Thicknesser 104H, 105H, 106H, 107H The single side woodwork thicknesser has the advantage of smooth feeding. Using the front pressure roller with subsectional activity structure, the thicknesser can simultaneously feed various materials with their thickness difference within 3 mm.
    Its front and rear eccentric swage can be adjusted easily, and also can be applied to process sheet.
    Equipped with a workbench hoisting device featuring reasonable structure...
  • Precision Panel Saw 1132E
  • Precision Panel Saw 1132E Max. moveable distance of table: 3100 mm Scoring sawblade diameter ¢120 mm
    Max. sawing thickness: 80 mm Scoring sawblade motor power 0.75 kw
    Main sawblade dia.: ¢300-¢350 mm Main saw lifting motor power 100 W
    Main spindle dia.: ¢30 mm Tilting motor power 100 W
    Main spindle speed: 5400/4000/3000 r/min Max. tilt angle of sawblade 45°
  • Table Milling Machine 5513A
  • Table Milling Machine 5513A The machine has a desirable appearance and has the advantages of easy and safe operation and low noise.
    Its machine body has aging treatment and precision processing for many times, and is made of low-temperature welding of high-quality steel plate, so the table milling machine can achieve sound precision retaining ability.
  • Two Head Wide Belt Wood Sander BSG2213W
  • Two Head Wide Belt Wood Sander BSG2213W The two head wide belt wood sander BSG2213W is used to sand the surface of plywood, cabinet board, fiberboard, chipboard, laminated board, wood composed board, frame and artificial marble and so on, to achieve the specified thickness.
    The two head wide belt wood sander is composed of a machine frame, feeding mechanism, lifting mechanism, electric and auto control device, dust collecting device, etc.

Our aim at We is to provide the highest quality woodworking machinery to our customers. One way we accomplish this is through stringent quality control. Eighty percent of the parts used to produce our circular saw, woodworking copy lathe, wood sander, and other products are manufactured in one of our own five branch companies. Therefore, we can ensure the superior quality of our products from the very beginning of the production process. In addition, we can produce your high quality drilling machine, woodworking cold press, multi use woodworking machine, or other woodwork machinery according to your specific requirements. To further ensure quality, our highly skilled and professional staff undergoes constant training to improve their skills and improve efficiency. Our engineers and technicians frequently travel to Italy and Germany to gain knowledge that will allow us to improve our product quality and to offer only the most superb woodworking machinery to our clients. Our customers can feel completely secure in purchasing any of our We products.

In addition to the quality of our products, cost control is also a priority at We. Apart from the bearing, belt, and electrical components of our machinery, all other parts are produced in-house. This allows us to greatly decrease our raw material cost and logistics expense. Furthermore, We is located in the beautiful city of Weihai City in Shandong Province, very close to Qingdao Port, an important hub on the west coast. This convenient location enables us to deliver our products quickly and conveniently at the lowest shipping costs to our customers.

Our continuous technological advancement combined with our fifty years of experience enables us to offer the most superior woodworking machinery available. If you have an interest in any of our products, or if you need more information, please feel free to contact us. The staff at We is looking forward to working with you.